Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stop The Violence, Now! The time for marching is over!

Every day, the names change, but the story is the same; another African-American or Latino child is shot down on the streets of America. In New York City, a 4 year old boy is killed in a crossfire. In Chicago, a promising young basketball player is shot down a week before he was due to leave for an East coast university.  In the Bronx, a father finds his beloved 14-year-old son shot dead in a park after he went out to play tennis. Our babies are being slaughtered on the nation’s streets daily, so where is the same outrage that we have for the mass killings like Aurora, Colorado and Virginia Tech?

Again, where is the outrage when it’s us killing us?

There are so many varied reasons for youth violence in America—from bad parenting to extreme violence in the media to lack of jobs and opportunities to a mass hysteria of self-hatred in the urban communities. Cities like Chicago and New York have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet it does not stop the almost daily killings. Some cities have gun buy-back programs periodically and take a number of guns off the street, but that also does not stop the killings. The controversial Stop-and-Frisk programs in a number of cities may or may not help, but many people are now calling for stopping-and-frisking automobiles from certain gun-friendly states as they enter cities like New York and Chicago to see if they can put a dent in the Iron-Pipeline of smuggled weapons into the streets that are sold to thugs for huge profits.

In today’s New York Post, columnist Peggy Noonan writes an article titled, ‘Horror Show, Neither Hollywood nor Washington does anything about violence in film’. In it she writes how one certain popular- with-youth movie a few years back opens with a number of people being shot point-blank in the head. Is it any wonder why Americans, especially our youth, are so desensitized to seeing extremely violent murder on the screens?

And speaking of Washington, I am extremely surprised the politicians are not speaking out more about this violence epidemic among our nation’s youth. In my opinion, if you are going to speak out when there’s mass shootings like Aurora, you should also speak out about the scourge of our young kids murdering each other. This should be one of the issues of concern in the upcoming presidential election.

What we need is a complete re-engineering of the thought process that promotes and accepts violence of any form: murder, domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse…etc. In actuality, what we are proposing is a re-boot, so to speak, of the degenerately immoralistic culture that we now live in. This will be an extremely difficult and time consuming endeavor, but the longest journey begins with the first step. While many of the media outlets and community leaders are holding marches and meetings, that are well and good, The Street Angel Project Against Youth Violence is proposing three immediate steps that we feel are in the right direction:

Step 1: Spreading the ‘Stop The Violence’ Peace Ribbon (1) and this article to everyone you can.

Step 2: Supporting our project by liking ‘The Street Angel Project Against Youth Violence’ page on Facebook.

Step 3: Calling for the hundreds of thousands of churches across the country to act as “Safe Havens” and open their doors to our youth for at least one night a week where they can peacefully enjoy being kids again.

Like a frog in water that boils slowly, it took awhile for this problem to become an epidemic and it will take awhile for all of us, working together, to get things to change for the better. I am hoping to connect with and brainstorm with other concerned Americans who are fed up and want to make an impact for change. Together, we can come up with more solutions for this massive problem.

One thing is certain:
My concentrated efforts and vigilance to STOP THE VIOLENCE will only increase until this epidemic of carnage among our young, our future, is under control.

Peace and Blessings,
Robert Batista

          (1) We are not the designers or originators of the “Stop The Violence” ribbon pictured.