Saturday, December 26, 2009

In The Search For Peace, We Must All Look Within.

You hear and see it all the time, young kids using the term, “Peace” or “Peace Out” when talking to their friends. But to many, the term, PEACE, is only a slogan that they use flippantly—without really understanding what they say. Because, being about peace is about consciously living your life in a peaceful manner. It means going out of your way to be peaceful.

But then again, I guess they are only doing what we grownups do—just spouting lip service when it comes to peace. Just talking the talk, but rarely walking the walk. We want our children to live in peace, but everywhere they turn, they see a world of violent chaos. From wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to extreme violence in just about every aspect of our Mainstream Media. They see Dads cursing and threatening the umpires in Little League and Moms swearing at other drivers who cut them off on the freeway.

So when we watch the horrific video of Derrion Albert’s murder, by young teens who look just like him; and who should be mostly concerned about midterms and sports and school dances, instead of gang fights and weapons and beefs, why do we always go into a state of shock? We knee-jerk and call for more cops and tougher prison sentences. Then we put flowers and candles to make us feel like we’re doing something, and after a short period, we go back to sleep.

I say that to say this: In The Search For Peace, We Must All Look Within—first! If we adults start living lives of peace, then it will eventually snowball and trickle down to the youth. If we counter and balance the violence in movies, with movies like ‘Nothing But A Man’ (Pictured Above)—a movie that shows a Black man and woman struggling together to survive and get ahead in life. The couple, played by Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln, have the deck stacked against them, but together they face their problems and grow stronger in the end. Even though they are faced with so many obstacles, they remain together and deal with their issues. And throughout this ordeal, they keep their dignity and self-respect for themselves and each other.

The quest for peace must begin with each individual. I will close this post with my poem, ‘Peace Begins Within’.

Peace Begins Within

How do we find peace in a time of war?

How do we show love in a time of hate?

How do we find a way to show kindness

And not be taken for weakness?

It begins within

It begins with loving yourself into a peaceful tranquility

We are all children of God, sublime creations of our Creator

Our bodies are living temples and testaments to his plan

Once we become like our Creator

And start loving ourselves like He loves us

We begin to realize that by killing another

We are killing our self

Our Self


Love is the eternal answer to the eternal question

Loving yourself permeates love for other human beings

In the angelic faces of our children, I see God

We must show them

Peace begins within.

Rob Batista—Copyright 2009


  1. Sir, you hit the nail on the head. I think people are afraid to look in the mirror because they are afraid of what they will see. Great post.

  2. Very powerful post. Every emotion and idea begins within. I'm with you; we all have the power to make the world a better place.
    M.M. Anderson