Monday, September 27, 2010


It has now become apparent, that in our black and brown communities, among our young people—death is life. Now you even have some teens planning what they want to be buried in. How many more of our children have to be senselessly gunned down before we understand that until we mobilize a united and sustainable force to fight this plague of death on our children, it will keep going on unabated until another generation is lost?


A Seton Hall University student who attended an off-campus house party Friday night, was shot and killed. Four others were also shot but they are expected to survive. Jessica Moore (Pictured Above) a 19-year-old honors student majoring in psychology, was shot, and died later at a hospital. An eyewitness described the Friday night party, which lasted into early Saturday, as a "typical fraternity party" with at least 100 people at the privately owned row house.

Students said the shooter was kicked out of the party when he refused to pay the cover charge. The eyewitness said she heard a fight erupt before the man was thrown out. Seconds later, she said, he returned with a handgun and started shooting as chaos erupted. East Orange police were following several leads but had not identified a suspect, spokesman Andrew Di Elmo said.


  1. The fact that young teens are planning their funerals is a sad testament to the hopelessness they feel.

  2. This is so sad. One of the things they are not mentioning in every article is that she jumped in front of another student to save their life. She, unfortunately, is a hero. My heart is weeping for her family, friends and after all is said and done for our society as a whole.