Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Kids Our Dying For Their Phones

There are a growing number of dangerous predators out there who are robbing and sometimes killing young people for their IPhones, Androids and other Smartphone devices. I constantly tell my kids and their friends, if someone tries to jack you for your phone, give it up. It is not worth getting hurt or losing your life over. There are too many numerous stories like Hwang Yang's (pictured) a chef at the Museum of Modern Art who was gunned down in the Bronx. As he lay bleeding on the ground, the gunman flipped him over, and grabbed his IPhone from his pocket.

Robber fatally shoots chef in Bronx, steals iPhone

Hwang Yang, 26, was returning home from his job at Museum of Modern Art's restaurant The Modern

A hardworking young chef was gunned down in the Bronx early Thursday by a brutal thief who kicked his motionless body, stole his iPhone and then casually strolled away, sources told the Daily News.
Former Sunday school teacher Hwang Yang, 26, was left bleeding in the middle of a leafy Riverdale street around 12:30 a.m. - a bullet lodged in his chest - as his adoring mom fretted he was late returning to the family's home just two blocks away, police and family sources said. Yang had just finished a shift at his new job as a cold-plate chef at The Modern, the upscale French-American restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

Parents, please tell your loved ones: We can always get you another phone, we can never get another you.

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  1. This is aweful. No possession is worth dying for. Perhaps the answer is to have a cheap phone.You can get a prepaid Tracfone for $10. No need to have an expensive phone as bait for criminals.