Monday, July 15, 2013

This is NOT a movie or a video game--This Is Real!

This recent, horrific scene, from broad daylight gunplay in Trenton, N.J., is played out in just about every hood across America. Is it any wonder that innocent children and toddlers are caught in the crossfire. These punk thugs don't care about anything else but themselves. 

Is it any wonder that our teens are terrified to walk the streets, or go to a party, or have an argument these days. Is it any wonder that "good kids", who want to do the right thing and live peacefully, have to go and get a gun just to protect themselves?

In my opinion, until we as black and brown people show that we respect our lives and love who we are and will not tolerate us killing us, then other races will begin to respect our life also. Did George Zimmerman respect the life of Trayvon Martin when he shot him? It could possibly be that he was just following the "black lives don't mean anything' script that has been playing for many, many years by people who do not value our lives. Remember Latasha Harlins?

I argue that until this epidemic of black-to-black murder and self hatred stops; until we prove that we, as a people, value our human lives, then no other communities will put a value on our lives either.

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